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Sounds of Zilence...

...distribute bands still in contact with dimensions other than our own. Be it any genre of music. No more, no less. This is a channel to music that won't wait for anyone to grant it. This is a free channel, with free music.

...do this because we are tired of watching good art and music fall to waste while waiting around for someone to release it. Especially as there is no actual need for “real” record companies anymore, apart from their advertising and PR channels.

...operates as a digital channel that gives away music for free, from artists who we feel needs to be discovered.

...do not have any contracts signed with any artists, nor on any of the actual releases. We operate as a channel; a portal for artists to give away their music to people. The artist owns their music themselves, if nothing else is mentioned.

...do not oppose the idea of pressing actual copies of the releases.

...do not manage bands, do not do bookings, and do not operate as a record company. We operate as a channel giving away music, from people who are willing to give away their own music themselves.

...urge you who like the music to spread the word about.


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