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BR Joel Segerstedt - Ink, Blood and Spirit Soundtrack

Joel Segerstedt - Ink, Blood and Spirit Soundtrack

”Fight, Blood And Spirit” is the second instalment in the ”Blood And Spirit” trilogy by Artax Film. Again we travel through a mind of someone that is driven by passion rather than fashion.

SOZ-013 - 2015


BR Den Röda Dörren - Ink, Blood and Spirit Soundtrack

Den Röda Dörren - Ink, Blood and Spirit Soundtrack

Ambient travels reflecting the moving pictures of Ink, Blood And Spirit. A sonic daydream allowing you to take a step back from interaction and behold and learn, forget to yearn.

SOZ-012 - 2014


BR Ash And Coal - Agnostica

ash and coal - agnostica

Dusk and dust. Wind and water. Fire and flies. Wood and stone. Snakes and rats. Words and silence. Truth and lies. Life and death. Ash and Coal.

SOZ-011 - 2013


BR Den Röda Dörren - Headphone Meditation Part 5-8

den röda dörren - headphone meditation part 5-8

Den Röda Dörren tells you metropolitan bedtime stories and sings you lullabies that will keep you calm for more than just the night. Dark ambient if you will, dark movie score if you need, dark reflections if you see. Slow music for fast times.

SOZ-010 - 2012


BR The Open Up And Bleeds - An Act Of Love And Violence

the open up and bleeds - an act of love and violence

Ten songs - ten different travels. This the new album by OUAB's holds a certain dark-forced dying-to-tell-you-this feeling seldom seen nowadays.

Can you see the city streets dressed in rain and nightlights, can you hear the black beat of love and violence?

SOZ-009 - 2011


BR Grace of Wounded Horses - I: Mirage

grace of wounded horses - i:mirage

One side consists of acoustic guitars, a piano and strings. The other of harsh guitars, desperate vocals and heavy drums. The two join as one in a dark and primal atmosphere on a vast theatrical stage.

This is the first release from Grace of Wounded Horses.

SOZ-008 - 2011


BR The Open Up And Bleeds - Cut Me A Live One

the open up and bleeds - cut me a live one

This is a three track teaser, or a single if you prefer, from The Open Up Ands Bleeds first fullength album An Act of Love and Violence released on Suicide Records.

This is humanity reaching out for your nowadays hard fetched focus. This is a live wound torn up as to feel alive and bleeding.

SOZ-007 - 2010


BR Tid - Giv Akt

tid - giv akt

This is the second album of Swedish band Tid. This time Tid seems to have taken their music to another level, telling of major cities and holy tempels, along with lyrics on purpose of life and our being here. Like before you’ll surely be swept away in the worlds of Tid’s music, but this time to another place and with another destination.

SOZ-006 - 2010


BR Roswell - The Nothing

roswell - the nothing

Roswell's The Nothing was released in 2002 in physical form, and still holds great relevance to some. This is the sound of hardcore mixed with metal and rock along with apocalyptic lyrics. The outcome is a ravishing and prying six song EP, all in all a fine record with great tunes and a feeling of innovation.

SOZ-005 - 2010


BR Magna Carta Cartel - Goodmorning Restrained

magna carta cartel - goodmorning restrained

This debut album is a 11 track experience of what the band refers to as ”soundstracks for movies yet unmade”. With more than half the album being instrumental, the rest with vocals, it fits perfectly for all kinds of days: lonely times of wonder; thrashing a party, getting laid, hating your ex etc. This is a collection of songs with a lot of feeling to them.

SOZ-004 - 2009


BR The Open Up And Bleeds - Stiv Bators In All Of Us

the open up and bleeds - stiv bators in all of us

The Open Up And Bleeds from Sweden is a special kind of experience; playing poetic music, naked and raw, yet glimmering with life and breakout. Desperation and city by night, streets and dreams, longing and honor, stained minds and stained chords. Black and white in a battle creating colours and a stream of thoughts.

SOZ-003 - 2009


BR Tid - Bortom Inom

magna carta cartel - valiant visions dawn

Magna Carta Cartels music reminds of Vangelis meeting Tom Petty, trying to reach U2, willing to be Joy Division, feeling like ABBA, longing to be Brian Eno, remembering Jean Michel Jarre, looking at Metallica, sleeping with Mike Oldfield, dancing to Koto, hunting the Beatles, killing Morricone in a duel, snorting to Moroder etc etc.

SOZ-002 - 2008


BR Tid - Bortom Inom

tid - bortom inom

Tid from Sweden creates music dark and dull, magical and ravishing. This is their debut release. Come on in, have a listen. This music is suggesting a strange kind of landscape. Metropolic yet ancient in sound – this is not your usual kind of songs.

SOZ-001 - 2007



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