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Magna Carta Cartel

magna carta cartel -
valiant visions dawn

Magna Carta Cartel plays as they say “Radio-edited movie themes, for daily life and death”.

Their music reminds of Vangelis meeting Tom Petty, trying to reach U2, willing to be Joy Division, feeling like ABBA, longing to be Brian Eno, remembering Jean Michel Jarre, looking at Metallica, sleeping with Mike Oldfield, dancing to Koto, hunting the Beatles, killing Morricone in a duel, snorting to Moroder. In other words – very emotional movie theme-like rock.

Their songs are to be seen and listened to as movie themes to movies yet unmade. Their music is of that dreamy kind, not willing to wake up knowing that life as is, is a but a dream.

This is their debut EP. This is their arrival.

SOZ-002 - 2008

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Valiant Visions Dawn






Dollhouse Decoration


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Artwork and photo by www.claudiomarino.com

Further information

Official website www.magnacartacartel.com
Contact e-mail info@magnacartacartel.com


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