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the open up and bleeds -
stiv bators in all of us

The Open Up And Bleeds from Sweden is a special kind of experience; playing poetic music, naked and raw, yet glimmering with life and breakout. Desperation and city by night, streets and dreams, longing and honor, stained minds and stained chords. Black and white in a battle creating colours and a stream of thoughts.

This is the first single from the upcoming fullength album. It comes with two bonus tracks.

There will be blood.

SOZ-003 - 2009

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Stiv Bators In All Of Us



It Takes A Band



Friedrichshain By Night


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Artwork by www.claudiomarino.com

Further information

Official website www.myspace.com/openupandbleeds
Contact e-mail openupandbleeds@gmail.com


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